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We are an appointed practice with Pet Plan pet insurance, and would like to encourage anyone who does not currently have pet insurance to get in touch with us at the clinic for information on what type of insurance you should have for your pet. We can offer clients 4 weeks free insurance, and in some cases, depending on age and medical history, we may be able to offer immediate cover.






Did you know 1 in 3 pets may require unexpected veterinary treatment each year?*

Whilst advances in veterinary medicine mean we can do more for your pet, treatment costs

can soon mount up. We recommend pet insurance to all our clients to help cover unexpected

vets bills. 


You may be surprised to hear that you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or household policies (Allianz Insurance plc). In fact, in our experience if you are one of the few people who don’t need to claim on your pet insurance you really are very lucky indeed!

It’s important to be aware that not all pet insurance is the same.

Some policies limit the amount of  time or money that you can claim for.

Don’t just shop around on price alone.


Ask the following five key questions so you clearly understand what each policy does and doesn’t cover: 


  • Will the policy cover my pet for on-going conditions (e.g. eczema) into its old age?
  • Will exclusions be placed at renewal for an illness that occurred in the previous year?
  • Will my excess or premium increase if I make a claim?
  • Will the policy cover: congenital and hereditary illness, hip-related conditions, dental treatment or behavioural conditions? 
  • Is the provider a pet insurance specialist?



Why not try before you buy? For 4 weeks free Petplan insurance simply click here and quote our practice reference number 1300018400.  


*Source: Petplan




Some of our clients have been kind enough to let us share with you their insurance experiences.



This is Geordie, a 7 year old boxer. He was brought into us when his owners noticed a lump on one of his legs. After extensive testing – including a biopsy and blood test, he was diagnosed as having a Mast Cell Tumour which needed to be removed. The location of his tumour made healing a slow process, he required bandaging and strong antibiotics for almost 5 months with weekly visits to our clinic. The total bill for his treatment was in excess of £2800.


Geordie's owners had always insured their pets previously, but never had to claim so they decided not to insure him. They had to pay the cost of his treatment themselves.




This is Mabel, a 2 and a half year old springer spaniel. As you can see she looks the picture of health, however poor Mabel suffers from a very rare and serious medical condition. She was a fit and healthy puppy who became ill at 6 months old. Her owners noticed a change in her temperature and although she still had a healthy appetite it appeared that she had no energy. A trip to the vets concluded that she would need to undergo some testing, including heart scans and blood testing. In the first year of owning Mabel, her vet bill had exceeded £4,500. Mabel's owners were only insured up to the limit of £4,000 and had to pay the remainder out of their own pocket. Luckily their insurance company allowed them to increase their cover limit.



At only 2 and a half years old, Mabel's veterinary costs now amount to somewhere in the region of £7,000-£8,000. She is on medication for life with a monthly bill estimated at around £150. The insurance company Mabel is covered by offers a 'life-time cover', this means her owners never have to worry about not being covered for this condition. It also means they only ever have to pay one excess fee (around £60) per year for that condition. Have a look at the gallery for more pictures of Mabel and friends.


From 1st May 2017, there will be a small administration charge of £9.60 for each insurance claim submitted for completion.


Pet insurance is very important, and any member of staff will be happy to discuss finding the right cover for your pet.


 This service is NOT possible with certain policies and any underwritten by E&L  where payment will always be required at the time of treatment.








Just like us, sometimes pets can be overweight. If you think your pet is not at it's ideal weight, please get in touch with our...

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